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In 2013, a mobile application that provides navigation and street-parking information approached Forté Group for some additional hands. Their ambition was to become a leading platform, and they knocked on the right door.


Forte Group is proud to participate in a project that now shares its real-time on-street parking data with hundreds of automotive, real-estate and internet companies. Our expertise on UI design for Android and iOS has allowed users to effectively reduce their street parking time by at least 70%.

Each user can submit a customized search route detailing the areas where they drive along. The application will use colors to rank the nearest areas according to the probabilities of finding on-street parking. The data includes free, zoned, and metered spots and it is updated in real time. In addition, users can filter according to the type of parking they are looking for, or they can search for nearby available parking structures.

One of the most appealing aspects of this application is its capability for building up data, thanks to the machine-learning expertise that has resulted from more than five years of experience, and feedback from thousands of users. The application combines its own data with public data for a more accurate recommendation. It allows users to embed information into their prefered navigation system, map, or real estate listing, helping them have a pleasant parking experience and taking away some impractical stress.


Since two of Forte’s best mobile developers joined the game the application has been expanded to 70 cities across the US and Europe, and it has been awarded the 2016 SXSW Accelerator Enterprise and Smart Data prize.

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