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Open Source Fog Computing for the Internet of Things


Re-Thinking the Way of Processing Data


Aiming to rethink/rebuild the process of IoT edge software development, IOTRACKS transcends the boundaries in the full sense of the word. Kilton Hopkins, a founder of IOTRACKS, came up with the innovative idea to provide developers with the best way to build for IoT.

The goal of IOTRACKS is to make it possible to run software from any device on the edge or in the cloud. In turn, IOTRACKS applied to Forte Group dedicated team.


IOTRACKS solution is aimed to provide developers with the advanced environment where they can control business processes remotely close to where the data is happening. In this way, an original concept of IOTRACKS allows business owners to gain time, save money, and deliver accomplished multifunctional and flexible solutions.

IOTRACKS technology consists of three innovative parts:

  • Eclipse ioFog

  • Microservices

  • ioAuthoring

Eclipse ioFog

Eclipse ioFog set of technologies is a fog computing layer that can be installed on any Linux-compatible hardware. In this way, you get a universal runtime for microservices to run on the edge. Fog computing technology covers the following advantages:

  • Fog computing can be connected to the cloud as well as other Internet of Things devices

  • Low latency provided

  • You may choose particular hardware for your domain use case

  • High level of privacy and security

Forte Group with IOTRACKS development team make it possible to run Eclipse ioFog on Linux for today, however in the nearest future the new version of the product will be installed on other operating systems. It is fully distributed and runs on any hardware that fits minimum capabilities like 1GB of RAM, 5GB of free disk space for containers, and 64-bit processor.

Automated interconnection of ioFog instances is provided by the ComSat component. This relieves developers from writing code just to move data from one place to another.

In greater detail, the fog computing layer is comprised of the following:

Considering the Eclipse ioFog developer services, it provides you with the high performance message bus, config delivered at runtime, remote debugging, common logging, remote data viewing, and a Bluetooth REST API (RestBlue).


Today, Forte Group development team together with IOTRACKS founders are strenuously working on Microservices creation. They are developing microservices in order to connect devices and sensors, integrate various systems, do processing in real-time. Microservices are reusable and shareable, so you can use them in many places.

Also, one of the crucial points of Microservices is the fact that you can write your programme in any language and use existing ready-made libraries. Microservices are packed into Docker open-source system of software containers. They help software to run while it’s being moved from one environment to another.


With the help of ioAuthoring you can create the layouts of microservices, called tracks. It’s a kind of visual interface to work with the Fog Controller. In this way, you may organize the software running on the fog and check out the status of the system components. 

IOTRACKS Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Forte Group designed IOTRACKS Software Development Kits (SDKs). It provides developers with the ability to develop in languages that they are familiar with to design containers, microservices, policies, and processes that work in the IOTRACKS IoT middleware stack. Today, IOTRACKS supports the following development languages with SDKs:

  • Java

  • Node.js

  • Python

  • C (in development)

  • C#

  • GO

Moreover, the development team are steadily improving the existing SDKs and adding new features. More SDKs are coming soon.


All in all, IOTRACKS and Forte Group dedicated team are excited to present a new way of processing data. With the fog computing you get a cost-effective approach to build your large-scale IoT projects delivering value in various industries like smart manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce and retail, logistics, farming, and more. 

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