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Multifunctional Human Resource
Management Software

Discover a universal software solution
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Proven Solution

Forte Group HRMS is a unique product, developed to meet the needs of international companies with one or several offshore branches to globally and efficiently manage all their employees. The effectiveness and flexibility of the product is proven from our own experience: we implemented the HRMS to manage our international office branches in Belarus and Ukraine. The solution showed to be easily tailored to suit the specific needs of each office.


Keep your finger on the pulse of your company with powerful Forte Group HRMS features.

Human Resource Management

Create and update employee profiles. Add and edit employee data quickly and hassle-free. Streamline hiring process, manage onboarding and performance appraisal

Performance Tracking

Simplify and streamline the process of your team’s performance assessment

Integration with iCIMS

Change employee statuses and add information from iCIMS instantly

Time Off Management

Keep track of sick leaves, manage time off and vacation requests

Roles and Permissions

Grant access to the system for users according to their Roles. Clients and employees, team leads and HR specialists, managers and recruiters are provided with separate functionality for working with the Product

Documents Signing Functionality

Do not spend your valuable time signing piles of documents

Financial Management

Commission and Expense modules allow to calculate salaries, extra bonuses and other financial indicators in the context of each department, client and employee

Client Reporting

Make the work on the project transparent to your customers. Provide them with tools to track team's worked hours


Forte Group HRMS provides you with tools to monitor your company’s operations and facilitate the work of your team.

Monitor Working Hours

Track your employees’ attendance and properly allocate resources. Help your team improve the accuracy of task estimation

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View Comprehensive List of Staff

Quickly get the necessary information without having to reach out to each employee

Generate Reports

Build Employee Data configurable reports, Accounting reports and HR standardized and configurable reports in few clicks

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Upload Documents

Gather corporate documents and policies in one place and provide each employee with easy access to important information

Calculate Salaries and Bonuses

Get accurate information to calculate wages & compute bonuses on the basis of KPI and other indicators

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Why Forte Group HRMS is the most effective solution you need to move forward and reach new heights, with best value for money.

Adapted to the Needs of Companies with International Offices

Forte Group HRMS has an option of creating several offices within one account. That means that if a company is international and consists of divisions in different countries, each office can gain independent access to the system. At the same time, headquarters could access accounts of all branch offices to control their operations.

Flexibly Configured according to User Requirements and Needs

The System is tailored to business needs of companies across the world and various industries, with different operating models. It is easily configured taking into account business specifics and the legislation of different countries.

Keeps You Compliant with Regulations

Speaking about legislation, Forte Group HRMS is tailored to meet legal requirements. No matter where your company is based – the system will provide you with tools to comply with government regulations avoiding penalties and other negative consequences.

Ensures Differentiation of Access Rights

Team leads, HR managers, administrators, recruiters, clients and employees have their own access to the system where they can see only information intended for them. Managers can view only data on their subordinates; accountants – only data necessary for conducting financial operations, – interests of all users are taken into account, with confidentiality protected.

Provides Financial Tools

Commissions & Bonuses Module, as well as Expenses Unit built in the system, allows to analyze financial data and calculate bonuses on the basis of KPIs and other indicators in different departments. What is more, integration with QuickBooks and Intuit Payroll makes the work of accountants and financial managers a little bit easier.

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