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Cost Avoidance & Optimization through Effective Performance Testing Strategies

We recently hosted a performance engineering webcast “Cost Avoidance & Optimization through Effective Performance Testing Strategies”,  hosted by Forte Group and Scott Moore Consulting.




Scott Moore

With over 30 years of IT experience with various platforms and technologies, Scott is an active writer, speaker, influencer, and the host of the online show “The Performance Tour” and the SMC Journal podcast. He helps clients address complex issues concerning software engineering, performance, digital experience, Observability, DevSecOps and AIOps.


Lee Barnes

Lee is a Chief Quality Officer at Forte Group with over 25 years experience as a Software Quality and Testing professional. He leads large-scale test automation and performance testing initiatives for many Fortune 500 companies and has delivered in-depth presentations and training on software testing, test automation, performance testing, and mobile quality.

Scott Moore and Lee Barnes discussed why and how businesses can save resources and enhance efficiency by implementing the right performance testing techniques. They shared real-world examples, best practices and cutting-edge tools that drive success in today’s competitive landscape.


Importance of Performance Testing: Discover why performance testing is an absolute must to shield against costly downtime, prevent customer dissatisfaction, and seize untapped opportunities.

Understanding Cost Implications: Explore the ripple effects of poor software performance—unveil direct and indirect costs that could impact your bottom line and overall business outlook.

Scalability and Resource Allocation: Unlock the art of smart resource scaling through intricate scenario simulations. Avoid unnecessary overspending and delve into the intriguing realm of cloud cost dynamics and repatriation.

Continuous Improvement: We’ll unveil a blueprint for perpetual progress. Learn how to establish an iterative performance testing approach that consistently enhances system efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Real-world Case Studies: Dive into real examples where organizations successfully avoided costs and optimized performance through strategic testing implementations.

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