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Manage Complexity,
Minimize Risk

Our mobile app test services seamlessly integrate our deep testing expertise with your team.

Our Mobile Application Testing Services help you:

Establish Your Mobile App Test Strategy

We ensure the mobile app testing burden is managed effectively and efficiently by answering the questions “what to test”, “where to test”, and “how to test”.

Manage Mobile App Test Complexity

Mobile platform and device diversity introduces unique testing challenges. We can help you manage the complexities of mobile application testing.

Maximize Your Investment

Our experts accelerate time to value by establishing a remote test team through our test outsourcing services (or by working with your team onsite.)

Case Studies

Mobile App Testing

Identify risks ahead of mobile app launch

 Location-Based Services

Learn how we discovered and fixed issues that would have severely limited capacity of a traffic alert and routing application — prior to launch.

Mobile App Testing

Our differentiator is the combination of our deep software testing expertise with our knowledge of the mobile space and mobile-specific testing issues.

Mobile App Testing

– Lee Barnes
VP of Quality Assurance at Forte Group

Mobile App Testing Areas of Expertise

Our mobile app testing services are offered onsite or through our remote test teams. We have expertise in:

Mobile App Test Strategy

Our Mobile Testing Strategy service helps you manage the complexities presented by multiple platforms, multiple OS versions, multiple devices, and possibly, multiple carrier networks.

Mobile App Performance Testing

Our Performance Testing solutions are based on our Performance Testing Framework – a collection of processes that ensure an organization executes the right tests and obtains meaningful and actionable data.

Mobile App Test Automation

Test automation has been a core service of Forte Group since its inception. We base our solutions on our Automated Testing Framework – a collection of process and technology assets that promote maintainable, reliable and scalable test automation solutions.

Mobile App Test Outsourcing

Our mobile app test outsourcing services seamlessly integrate our deep testing expertise with your team. We handle all aspects of mobile app testing, including the necessary infrastructure to support test execution and team collaboration.

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