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Embedded Product Owner

Your Product voice embedded in Forte’s squads, for better
business outcomes. Forte’s Embedded Product Owners assure
your vision is executed every hour of every day by your Forte
engineering squad.

Discovery + Product-Attached Delivery

This service offering is available to managed outcomes clients. It’s a  bundled offering –Discovery is not available as a standalone product.

The Offering: Forte’s Discovery and Delivery


Discovery is a time-boxed, three-week series of collaborative work sessions, where Forte’s Core Delivery Team (Product Owner, Principal Engineer, UXUI Designer, and Agile Project Manager) work side-by-side with Forte’s Architectural Service Layer (ASL) and your Product and Technical Leads to align on the target users, the key user problems, current and target technical architecture, the business goals, and success metrics. 

Outputs from Discovery:
The Core Product

“North Star” Business Problem (Desired Outcomes)

  • With well-defined success

Personas and Key Use Cases

Delivery starts immediately

Using the Outputs from Discovery, Delivery Starts immediately, using Forte’s proprietary Delivery Framework. For details on the Product offering related to Delivery, see the service offering description, “Product Owner attached to Forte Engineering Delivery for high-quality, high-value backlog management”

Forte-Managed Product Owner

The Product Owner is managed directly by Forte and is an extension of your Product team. We take responsibility for your desired business outcomes and ensure that the Forte-managed Product team delivers upon promises in every sprint.

  • Guaranteed execution of sprint goals.
  • Forte-managed Product Owner embedded in the Forte-managed Scrum team.
  • Forte-managed agile processes, delivering on your desired business outcomes.
  • Additional architectural services, such as Solutions Architecture, QA Architecture, DevOps Architecture and UI/UX Design are readily available (at additional cost)

Client-Managed Product Owner

You manage the Product Owner directly, who is part of your Managed Engineering team.  Here, Forte assures the quality and consistent delivery of software.  You have direct management responsibility over the team and processes, along with full responsibility for achieving your desired business outcomes.

  • Client-managed Product owner 
  • Embedded in Client-managed Scrum team
  • Client manages the Product Management Processes
  • Assurances of high quality software, but not sprint goals (which you own in this model)
  • Reporting directly into your team, the client-managed Product Owner is a key coordination point for your Product Management/ Business team, to manage the backlog.
  • The client-managed Product Owner also coordinates with the scrum team, per your best practices.
  • Additional Forte services, such as Architectural services, enhanced QA or DevOps and/or UX/UI Design services may be available.

Outsourced Product Management

This service offering is available for Managed Outcomes Clients. It’s most applicable when we manage an entire product or product line. Choose this offering when you want to outsource both Engineering and Product Management.

  • Client will typically have a CPO and CTO and we serve as the “virtual execution arm”
  • The Product Manager has ownership for making the CPO’s product vision a reality:
  • Roadmap
  • Product VIsion (and actually doing the work)
  • Managing PO’s (if more than two Scrum teams)
  • Product Manager manages the product backlog and sprint backlogs (i.e., if there are only 1-2 Scrum teams AND if there is a single product backlog)