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Forte Group leverages Datadog capabilities
To Engineer observability-first solutions

With a powerful suite of tools, we help you gain a deeper understanding of why your application is performing the way it is, and ensure that it performs at its best, 24/7. As a certified Datadog partner, we are committed to helping you get the most out of your application’s data.

Build observability-first

At Forte observability comes first. We focus on customer’s valuable performance. Now we chose the partner to deliver our values to deliver our product.

We have utilized technology and technical solutions to bring these values to the forefront. We carefully select our partners to deliver our values and bring our product to market. We choose partners who share our vision of observability first, which allows us to align on becoming market leaders. We always partner with innovative, first-in-class solutions, such as Datadog.

Working effectively with DataDog requires specialized knowledge and expertise, both of which the Forte Group development team has in spades. We don’t wait until the product is finished to consider what type of architecture might work best; we start our development process armed with the insight of DataDog from day one. This allows us to craft solutions that ensure maximum efficiency while streamlining costs and eliminating inefficiencies that can creep into a project as it progresses. The result is a superior product built on a reliable infrastructure.

We understand your application performance in context with log data and analysis

We get on-board with the most state-of-art infrastructure monitoring metrics in real-time

We enable our client’s team to get straight to the root of any issue and eliminate it as soon
as it arises

We drive collaboration between development, operations, security, and business teams

Our Datadog Partnership Program

We are a proud member of the Datadog Partner Network (DPN) providing services as Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Consulting/Service Integrator.

Why Datadog?

Full visibility 

Access and evaluate your entire infrastructure from a single place with complete visibility across infrastructure, applications, logs, and security, as well as your applications, services, and servers

Faster troubleshooting 

Correlate logs and metrics with Datadog’s tracing and APM data to quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot performance issues.

Proactive security

Detect and respond to security threats by combining DDoS protection, WAF, and bot management with Datadog’s behavioral analysis and alerts.

Real-time visualized insights

Know not only when and where but
why — monitor and alert on key performance metrics in real-time using Datadog’s customizable dashboards and Cloudflare logs.

Scalable solution

As your needs grow, the integration scales with you, providing reliable and seamless monitoring and security for your business.

Benchmark Analytics
launches LMS with a precinct-
defined, 360 degree
management workflow

Spring’s next gen HR platform
makes it easy to pay, insure, and
support teams with
uninterrupted monitoring

“We can help you maximize the power of Datadog’s insights while enabling your teams to work collaboratively toward a shared goal — satisfied users with a reliable product”.

– Glenn Eckstein
Sr. Director of Architecture and Engineering,
Technology Service Office, Forte Group

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