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Learn Programming with Forte Group

We invest in IT courses for talented and motivated students because we recognize the value of continuous education

More Knowledge Makes Better IT Pros

Because we encourage and value continuing professional development, we run our own education program, which includes basic, intermediate, and advanced IT courses accredited by Illinois Technology Association. Our teachers are experienced mentor developers and practitioners. As a result, it is not unusual to see our graduates join teams that, like ours, thrive on solving the most challenging problems and make things happen.

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We contribute to the growth of IT industry in Chicagoland, through education and mentoring.


Join our Oracle Commerce Lab to reach your potential through progressive technology education targeted for today’s market.


We invite you to join our Quality Assurance and Testing educational program and transfer your skills into advanced IT expertise.

Strengthen IT skills. Learn New Ones

We recognize the importance of updating your skill set in order to keep up with today’s job market. Our programs cater to the working professional: beginner to advanced, weeknight to weekend. In a matter of a few months, we transform skilled individuals into advanced IT professionals.


After successfully completing their course, we give top students the chance to take part in internship projects. They get a taste of an IT teamwork environment and put their newly-acquired knowledge to practice.

Professional Instructors

Our mentors are highly experienced developers currently working on various projects. Their extensive expertise in the field allows students to polish their skills as well as to learn some tricks of the trade from top-notch professionals.

Launch Your Career

Students' certificates of completion enhance their resumes and participation in internships builds their experience history. Students also receive valuable references from instructors.

Our Graduates Say

  • The iOS Development course helped me to learn the iOS platform starting with the basics. The Instructor did a great job. He provided us with theoretical knowledge and lots of practice. Resources and materials that he used were up-to-date and easy-to-understand. All students who have successfully completed the course received certificates of completion and got offers for an internship. Thanks a lot for the knowledge
    Pavel Anashkevich, IOS Development Course
  • The course was great! We had interactive and useful classes. It was simple to understand any new stuff the instructor explained. After this course, I have a profound knowledge of Android iOS and the opportunity to start career as junior developer.
    Mikhail Gatilov, Android Development Course
  • I am always interested in new opportunities, so when I learned about Android course, I decided to register right away. The practical skills I received were essential! Upon completion, I had gained new knowledge and took part in international internship.
    Ilia Sudnik, IOS Development Course