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Why to invest

Reassessing healthcare processes and industry digitalization can be a complicated task. To be on the same page with the modern consumer, it is imperative that healthcare organizations and wellness centers develop up-to-date business strategies and technology solutions. Stay on top of the changes in the healthcare industry and meet your customer’s expectations with Forte Group’s industry insight, custom software solution for healthcare and fitness.

Major Healthcare Trends in 2017


an accomplished medical ecosystem for your consumers daily usage


a mobile app for users. Did you know the mobile app development market is expected to grow to more than $26 billion by 2018?


the use of a cloud environment for your platforms and healthcare solutions

Forte Group will help you break new ground in the Healthcare Industry

Custom Software Solution for Healthcare And Fitness

Bring your healthcare concepts to life. Forte Group works with your expert team from idea to launch. Together, we will develop a product that provides your consumers a tailored healthcare solution for their specific needs.

Healthcare Mobile Application Development

Provide patient-centric services with an advanced mobile application. Forte Group develops mobile applications for healthcare professionals and end users. Make accessing information convenient and secure for everyone.

Healthcare And Fitness Wearables Development

Develop a wellness wearable and provide your target audience with a personalized approach to healthcare. When you offer your customers sleep sensors, activity monitors, fitness and heart rate monitors, continuous glucose monitoring, and more you are able to elevate your care and enhance their wellness experience.

Healthcare Customer Relationship Management

Let us develop a healthcare CRM system tailored to your specific needs and requirements. This will allow your organization to provide custom-oriented services and better manage internal operations.

Healthcare Software Quality Assurance And Testing

Forte Group provides a dedicated team for your healthcare software quality assurance and testing needs. We develop automated tests and conduct manual testing of existing software in order to grant an A-level solution delivery.

Benefit with Forte Group, especially if you are looking for a solution specific to your work with:

  • Hospitals

  • Healthcare centers

  • Health insurance providers

  • Pharmacies and Pharmacists

  • Sport and Fitness Centers


We deliver A-level software solution for healthcare and fitness, e-commerce, finance, education management, and other industries. Check out a few of our case studies

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