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Google research says 73% of people managing financial operations use a mobile application – in most cases for checking account balances, making payments, paying fines, and transferring funds. However, users have advanced and new needs daily. Forte Group meets those needs with innovative solutions for existing system improvements, the development of financial platforms from scratch, and the rebuilding of existing security systems.

Financial Service Must-Haves for 2017


platform adoption for financial operations (web, mobile app, on-premise)


data analytics collection and analysis based on customer behavior (principles of big data)


financial security systems

Forte Group will take your financial platform to A-level performance

Multiple Finance Platform Development

New realities require the open availability of financial systems to their users. Let your customers be able to proceed with payments, check out the status of their accounts and purchase history in real-time using a custom mobile application. Forte Group turns daily operations into an intuitive and transparent process.

Implementation of Big Data Strategy

Provide your clients with real-time services based on their behavior to advance the company-customer relationship, improve workflow, and create a true financial brand. The adoption of big data allows you to provide each client with a smart, tailored solution.

High-Security System Development

Keeping financial information secure is crucial. At Forte Group we work with you to develop a single, integrated information system managing all transactions at the highest level of security.

Financial Service Quality Assurance And Testing

Forte Group provides distinct financial software quality assurance and testing services. We enable you to test your application using both manual and automated test practices. Ensure your software performs to your specifications on multiple devices and under different circumstances.

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