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Why to invest

In 2017 retail industry will gain considerable momentum and e-commerce sales are predicted to grow to more than $300 billion in the next year. How can you catch this promising opportunity with minimum investments, but concrete results? Forte Group delivers the successful implementation of sophisticated, complex software solution for e-commerce and retail industry following the latest technology trends in the industry.

Must-haves that will shape the future of e-commerce


A more personalized marketing strategy that is focused on individual purchase behavior


Online store support for customers in real time (A.I. and chatbot interaction)


Up-to-date, relevant product information that is easily accessible to all customers


An enhanced customer engagement program that includes targeted marketing and loyalty programs

How Forte Group can breathe a new life into your business

E-commerce solution development

Let Forte Group’s expert team design an advanced software solution for e-commerce and retail that will fill online shopping carts and offer your customers an unparallelled mobile application experience.

Third-party integrations

Accomplish your e-commerce solution with third-party tools like a robust CRM platform, marketing analytics dashboards, inventory management systems, chatbots, and more

Redesign existing e-commerce platforms

Refine your current retail system with our help. Improve your customer workflow, implement wise and secure payment methods, develop loyalty programs, and engage your customers with push notifications.

E-commerce testing and QA support

Take your software solution for e-commerce and retail to a level of perfection by engaging Forte Group’s dedicated Quality Assurance and testing team. Manual and automated testing provides your team with peace-of-mind and your customers with industry-leading software performance.

Forte Group has seen significant benefits from working with:

  • Online and brick and mortar store owners

  • E-commerce software providers

  • Marketplace owners

  • Mobile commerce developers

  • Gaming applications providers


We deliver A-level software solution for e-commerce and retail, finance, education management, healthcare and other industries. Check out a few of our case studies

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