How to stay productive when working from home: Our team shares their tips

How to stay productive when working from home

Due to the global situation caused by the COVID-19 virus, many of us have adapted to a new reality: We’re washing our hands more often, maintain social distancing, and most importantly, stay home to support each other and our healthcare systems.

As quarantine measures continue, we’ve been fortunate to work for an organization that supports remote work. Still, that transition to at-home work instead of office collaboration can be difficult. We asked our team: What are some tips and life hacks you’ve used to stay safe and productive at home? Here are some of our favorite responses.

Andriy Yakymchuk

Mid Automation QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer

  • Organize a well-equipped working space with a comfortable chair and a place for a notebook to write down ideas
  • Having the second monitor around will be a plus, as it will help to ease your work
  • Make sure the room where you spend your working day is warm and ventilated
  • Also, spend some time beforehand to prepare snacks and lunches, so you won’t get interrupted or distracted with cooking


Halyna Sokal

Mid Manual QA Engineer

  • Don’t forget to take breaks,
  • Plan your working hours schedule
  • Create a zone for your workspace

Nataliia Fedan

Junior Manual QA Engineer

My tip is for employees, who work with children: Make an agreement with your children that when your workday starts, they will not distract your attention. My children know that when they see their mom on a laptop, they need to wait for the break. Lunches and breaks are scheduled as they would be in the office. And don’t forget about regular ventilation outside

Vasylyna Bryhadyr

Senior Manual QA Engineer

  • Schedule a work plan and set up all planned tasks as events in your calendar
  • Make a separate workspace with all the things needed for comfortable work
  • Work according to a schedule
  • Don’t mix work tasks with housework
  • Make an agreement with your team members and make sure that unexpected calls will disturb you only in an emergency, the rest should be discussed during set-up calls


Yulia Chornopyska

Senior Manual QA Engineer
When I work remotely, I follow these simple rules that help me concentrate and effectively do my tasks:

  • Do any housework before work
  • Always do make-up before I start my working day
  • Notify my family beforehand that I will work from home and tell them when I have planned meetings.
  • At the beginning of the day, we synchronize with the team to discuss plans for the day, burning issues, so we can solve them faster.
  • During the working hours, I am available in all messengers, which is also necessary for all the members of the team.
  • Complete all planned tasks one after another. It’s better to finish three tasks than complete each only at only 30 percent, especially when the work of your team depends on your finalized tasks.

Above, the Forte team shared their small everyday rituals that might help other employees navigate their work from home. We hope that their recommendations will come in handy and that you can use them for your remote work, too.

Anastasiia Knysh

by Anastasiia Knysh

Anastasiia works as the marketing manager in Forte Group’s Ternopil, Ukraine office. She works with Forte’s thought leaders and practice leads to share their valuable insights and experiences with IT practitioners and business leaders.

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