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Kickstart your online sales with the Forte B2B Starter Store for Salesforce

In today’s digital-first world, B2B companies need to accelerate their shift to e-commerce. Business buyers are increasingly adopting the digital route, they want self-service tools and B2C-like experiences. The fast-evolving and competitive digital landscape makes it more critical than ever that business-to-business brands can move their sales online quickly. 

Here are some facts to help you understand the lay of the land:

How one can streamline B2B reordering and add highly-personalized user experience, and make the shift quick and error-free for the business? 

B2B Starter Store by Forte Group at a glance

To make the transition as quick and seamless as possible, Forte Group has created the B2B Starter store, a ready-to-go solution powered by Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning that provides all essential features business buyers want and comes together with a team of experts to create, customize and deploy your new B2B web store in as little as nine weeks.

  • Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning platform
  • 4 to 9 weeks from zero to live production
  • Quick transformation of your traditional B2B sales model to a digital one.

Features & functionality of B2B Starter Store 

Product Catalog & discovery

✓ Product categorization

✓ Images, descriptions, 


✓ Search, filter, sort 

✓ Search suggestions

✓ Product variations 

✓ Customer-specific pricing 

✓ Related products


Order placement & checkout

✓ Shopping cart

✓ Guest access

✓ One page checkout

✓ Address book

✓ Order history 

✓ Payment options

   (Credit card, Invoice) 

✓ Shipping calculation 

✓ Tax calculation

General features

✓ Home Page

✓ Site Navigation

✓ User registration &


✓ Authentication

✓ Account self-service for


✓ Content management

A la carte options

✓ Data migration

✓ ERP integration

✓ Avalara AvaTax 


✓ Payment gateway 


✓ Shipping 

    Integrations (UPS, FedEx and more)

Forte’s B2B Starter Store offers a suite of features & functionality to kickstart your online sales and allows 360 integration with other Salesforce products. Through your new web store, you will be able to showcase your products catalog, digitalize your ordering processes, and manage your content.

Launch your Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning store quickly

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Alex Kolesnichenko

by Alex Kolesnichenko

Alex Kolesnichenko is a partner and managing director  with over 20 years of executive and hands-on experience in the implementation and delivery of B2B/B2C commerce with a strong emphasis on online presence and profitability. He is an executive who provides hands-on technical leadership with a proven track record in helping customers maximize online sales through better system design and user experience.

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