Forte Group teams up with sales-i to create a sales tool for manufacturers

Forte Group teams up with sales-i to create a powerful new sales tool for manufacturers

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The volume of customer intelligence available to manufacturer sales reps today is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they have access to every conceivable data point they could want. The problem is, this data often comes from different sources in a hodgepodge of formats that have to be manually consolidated before it can be of any use.


Enter sales-i–a world leader in creating digital technology that automatically consolidates customer data from different sources. Armed with this technology, a manufacturer sales rep can obtain actionable intelligence faster than ever before. By joining forces with sales-i, Forte Group will be able to custom tailor this powerful sales tool to each manufacturer’s unique business needs.

To learn more about this partnership, check out the official press release here.

With our custom software integration, sales-i is a unique tool within the market that helps sales teams work smarter and offer value to their customers.

Steve Brown

by Steve Brown

Steve is a writer and editor who works with Forte Group’s practice leads to share our insights on best practices, tips, and trends in software design and development.

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