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Forte Group launches a next-generation Human Resources Management System

Forte Group today announces the release of Human Resources Management System (HRMS). HRMS is a comprehensive platform designed to meet the professional needs of managers and employees, HR and financial specialists, as well as clients in the outsourcing industry.

We designed and developed HRMS with enhanced features that enable businesses to be more efficient with their time and resource management. The product is tailored to provide employees of all levels with necessary tools as well.

Vacation and Time-Off Requests Management

Forte Group HRMS allows managers and HR departments to manage time-off and vacation requests, keep track of employees’ sick leave hours and holiday schedules. Supervisors are provided with access to the schedules of their teams so that they can allocate resources successfully, depending on the staff’s workload. With HRMS, there is no need to reach out to each employee to get necessary information—everything is presented in a convenient form with easy access.

Instant Access to Employment Information

With the brand-new system, HR specialists will be able to create and update employee profiles, add and edit data in a few clicks. Integration with third-party recruiting solutions allows admins to change employee statuses and add information from these solutions instantly. Furthermore, the Forte Group product empowers recruiters and managers to streamline the hiring process and facilitate onboarding and performance appraisal.

Financial Tools

Built-in commission and expense modules allow users to analyze financial data, calculate salaries, costs, commissions, extra bonuses, and other financial indicators. Integration with external systems, such as QuickBooks and Intuit Payroll, offers accountants and financial managers an opportunity to automate routine processes and alleviate their workload.

Access Rights

Team leads, HR managers, administrators, recruiters, clients, and employees are provided with their own access to HRMS, where they can view their secure information. Access can be granted based on the employee’s admin level and their role. For example, managers can view data from their team, but not other teams.

Extensive Reporting

The system is equipped with a wide range of configurable reports for managers and clients. This feature helps users stay up-to-speed on what’s going on within their teams and provides information on who is currently involved in what projects. Full transparency allows building trust and loyalty both at the workplace and in customer and employee relations.

Independent Access for International Offices

Forte Group HRMS provides an option to create several accounts under one license. If a company consists of several divisions in different locations, each office can gain independent access to the system. At the same time, the company’s leadership can access accounts of all branches to get a big-picture view of their operations.

Compliance with Legislation

Forte Group HRMS is flexibly configured and tailored to meet legal requirements and comply with varying government regulations around the world.

Forte Group has entered a new phase of its development. We have proven ourselves to be a credible outsourcing company, providing our clients with high-quality solutions and facilitating the development of their businesses. Now, we proudly presented HRMS, a multifunctional product designed for companies looking to streamline processes, increase transparency, optimize time, and save resources. We believe it is a competitive product on the market that will empower traditional human resource management technology and deliver value to customers.

Lina Danilchyk

by Lina Danilchyk

Lina works in PR and media relations. She deals with masters of their craft to share their valuable experiences with IT practitioners and business leaders.

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