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Forte turns 21! Here are 21 fun facts about what we've been up to in the last year

August 2021 marked Forte Group’s birthday — we’re 21 years old! To celebrate, we’ve put together 21 fun facts about what we’ve been up to in 2021 so far. 

Our employer brand team has worked hard to carry out research, ask questions, and crunch numbers about our employees. They quickly established the undeniable fact that our team is cool and diverse, writes top-notch code and tests, cooks delicious food, holds awesome lectures and self-education events, and even travels despite the pandemic!

1. Let’s start with our daily routine ‒ video calls. We found out that our senior technology director, Egor Goryachkin, has held 2,352 online meetings throughout the past year! It’s a pity that we can’t compare this astonishing figure with data from before the pandemic to see how it matches up to “normal years.”

2. Forte Group is an international company of many languages. We’ve discovered that our employees speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, Polish, Lithuanian, and Romanian.

3. In the last year, we’ve opened four new locations and offices in three different countries. The first two were in Bogotá and Medellín, Columbia. The third one is in Brest, Belarus, which office specializes in Salesforce development. The fourth is in a remote location in Poland.

4. It’s show time. This one was hard to calculate, but we think we’ve done it: Forties have watched about 1,359 movies and 264 Netflix series seasons in the last year.

5. Ukraine recruitment lead Nadya Lavrik has picked up four impressive new habits. She’s stopped eating meat and drinking alcohol. More than that, she now starts every morning with a glass of hot water with lemon and honey. Every day, no matter what the weather, she goes for a 30-minute walk. The rest of us can only be jealous of her.


6. Here’s another interesting fact: the phrase, “can you hear me?” has been used around 2,467 times on Forte calls. In contrast, the phrase “you are muted” has been said only 569 times.

7. Remote work couldn’t stop us from holding events. This year we’ve held 34 online and offline events, including team building, knowledge sharing meetups, online parties, and even guest rooms. Video reports from these events can be found on our YouTube channel.

8. An incredible 408 email campaigns have been drafted to share the news about company life, sharing updates, memes, useful information, and congratulations.

9. Forte Group has also opened 28 new technology projects in the past year

10. In the past year, we’ve seen a massive 31% increase in website traffic compared to the previous year. And there’s more. We’ve also had our website redesigned and restructured to make it even more user-friendly.

11. Together with Northwestern University, we’ve held a workplace collaboration survey, with 60% of Forte employees taking part.

12. We’ve found out about 400 new hobbies that our employees have taken up. Marina from Warsaw likes drones and shoots videos about Poland. Artem from Brest started learning to play the piano. And Alex from Minsk opened a small home brewery. We’ve got photographic proof!

Alex, our partner and senior director of commerce & digital innovations, has dived into cooking. Here are some of his dishes.

13. We are beyond proud of the four awards that we’ve received this year. Here’s the list:

14. What other benefits has remote working brought in the last year? We’ve used less gasoline! We’ve calculated that each Forte employee has saved around 67 liters (nearly 18 gallons) of gasoline in the past year. Now, at Forte, we have 580 employees, so that means we’ve saved around 36,850 liters or 9,734 gallons of gasoline!

15. We’ve also looked into how many welcome kits we presented to our newcomers this year. Have a look at this infographic:

16. Do you like cycling? Stepan Deca, a middle IT recruiter here at Forte, certainly does. He’s ridden over 600km this year. Are you ready to beat your record before Forte’s next birthday comes around, Stepan?

17. Our content managers have worked hard and issued 15 blog posts and brochures about Agile, testing trends, IoT, and many other things.

18. Video calls have opened a new door for communication. We’ve seen a lot of interesting things in the background of our calls! The record number of appearances belongs to pets, of course. We estimate that we’ve seen them more than 1,000 times.

19. Forte has a large social media community. We have a business-friendly LinkedIn, funny Instagram, and two useful telegram channels: Telegram BY and Telegram UA. In the last year, we’ve made more than 2,500 posts on different topics using varied content types. Join our social media to explore more.

20. Knowledge is power, they say. Our team has taken part in more than 300 online courses, learning about a wide range of things including SEO, Agile, and recruiting. An impressive 20 of our employees passed the SAFe Agile course, and 15 passed the Salesforce course.

21. Finally, Helen, our content marketing manager, has visited three new countries and explored 14 new cities ‒ six of them in Belarus. Helen likes to travel to abandoned places and shows them in her Instagram.

Share your big and small achievements with the team. It’s very important to let everyone know about them and celebrate them. Don’t underestimate their value. 

Happy Birthday, Forte Group!

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Helen Pilchenko

by Helen Pilchenko

Helen Pilchenko is a technology writer at Forte Group. She has a solid creative mindset with deep technical knowledge and analytical skills to deliver business results.

Angelina Melguy

by Angelina Melguy

Angelina Melguy is an Employer Brand Specialist at Forte Group.

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