This month marks Forte Group’s 18-year anniversary. After nearly two decades of serving IT enterprises, much has changed—and so has Forte Group.

From our early days of offering test automation services to what today is a global software services and solutions company, we continue to embrace change to help our clients evolve.

In July, we moved our Chicago office to accommodate our growing team, which has nearly doubled in size within the last year. The new office is a welcome move as we further expand our team of product managers, software developers, consultants, engineers, and recruiters.

The new office also puts us closer to our long-time partner, Dillon Kane Group (DKG), a privately-held entrepreneurial firm that invests in, builds, revitalizes, and optimizes technology solution businesses. For 13 years, we have worked closely with DKG and its broad portfolio of companies to help revitalize and re-engineer breakthrough technologies. As our relationship grows, our ability to work side-by-side will allow our teams to work more collaboratively.

Later this year, we will have fully integrated our acquisition of enterprise software engineering firm, Agile Unicorn, under Forte Group. The acquisition has allowed Forte Group to serve the needs of our global IT enterprise clients. I look forward to sharing more on this in the coming months.

Forte Group has changed much since its founding. However, as the old proverb goes, “Change for change’s sake does not always result in progress.” Every business decision to date has been to evolve as our clients evolve. Our service and commitment to our clients’ growth are unwavering.