We’ve all read the headlines about the painful impact the pandemic has had on businesses and the economy. As many organizations pivot to focus on mission-critical projects to keep business operations running, what does that mean for innovation in 2020? 

In this episode of Forte Connect, we spoke with Amit Ainapure, a business agility coach and Director of Program Management at TIAA. Given the current uncertainty, we asked, “should digital transformation still be a priority for 2020?” In the video below, Amit and the group discuss how companies in the four stages of digital transformation should reprioritize their key initiatives as many businesses begin to reopen.

We’re joined once again by our Forte Group team: C.J. Montano, Partner and Managing Director at Forte Group, and Kiersten Lyng, Senior Account Executive, Strategic Partnerships.

The group shares their thoughts on how digital transformations can improve organizational resilience, how hiring will change, and why focusing on outcomes, versus output, is important.

Watch our full conversation:

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