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Forte’s CSO C.J. Montano chats with the "Move Happy Movement" podcast

How much do we know about our own colleagues? In light of everything happening in the world right now, it can be difficult to keep our connections strong, and that includes our work relationships.

Though we’re physically distant, work-from-home habits give us different opportunities to get to know each other a little better: The environments we live in, our families, pets, and hobbies. Here’s an opportunity to get to know Cornel (C.J.) Montano, Forte Group’s Chief Services Officer, a bit better.

On a recent episode of the Move Happy Movement podcast, C.J. shared stories about his family life, his years of youth hockey coaching, and how achieving goals in sports has taught him lessons he’s applied as a leader in technology. Since joining Forte Group in 2017, C.J. has brought immeasurable value to our organization by coaching his teammates, helping teams evolve, and finding creative, elegant solutions to complex engineering problems.


I think diversity matters. Find people that are not like you. Find people that are successful in their fields, no matter what field that is, and be vulnerable with them and allow them to be vulnerable with you. Because I can almost guarantee this: Anybody who's in a successful place in their life had to go through probably a pretty significant period of depression, anxiety, doubt — lots of different things. And when you get to that level of vulnerability with somebody of that nature, it gives you that hope to say, ‘Oh, wow! They're not perfect. They didn't just rise to this through every perfect decision they've ever made.’ In fact, success is just a series of failures. Overcome failures and continue to move forward.

What challenges shaped C.J.’s personality and leadership style? What do the top management strategies and hockey coaching have in common? Findout in the Move Happy Movement podcast, a sports and well-being podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Podbean.

The Move Happy Movement team also posted a video of their conversation with C.J., which you can find below:

You can follow some of C.J.’s insights here on our blog or on his LinkedIn page. Behind every milestone reached and every success story at Forte Group, there’s a dynamic leader that helps drive those achievements. Discover more amazing people and their stories on our Leadership page.

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