Two months ago, if you’d told me that I’d be filming a remote video from my dining room table, I might have looked at you a bit funny.

But here we are. Like much of the world, we’re doing our best to stay home and safe in an effort to support our healthcare system and slow the spread of COVID-19.

Any organizational leader has been challenged to quickly pivot to this new normal. How do you respond to unexpected changes and disruptions in business? That’s what business continuity and resiliency planning is all about—and it’s now as relevant a topic as ever.

So what can organizations do now about business continuity planning (BCP)? Is it too late? This week, I thought I’d ask those questions to two of my colleagues who have experience working on business continuity and resiliency strategy for a tier-one U.S. bank.

Here’s a recording of my conversation with C.J. Montano, Partner and Managing Director, and Leo Fedorov, Solutions Manager and Engagement Architect. C.J and Leo have unique insights on the topic, having recently worked the aforementioned bank to build a custom BCP review system that’s now being used across North America.

Watch our full conversation:

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Looking for a deeper dive? If you’re struggling with business continuity planning strategy, we can be a resource. Get in touch with C.J. or Leo by reaching out here.