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Global Solutions and Services: Forte Group Expands to Full-Service Technology Company

Last summer, as we approached Forte Group’s 18-year anniversary, we shared some reflections on how much has changed over nearly two decades. Since 2000, IT enterprises and their needs have evolved dramatically. So has Forte Group. 

This week, we formally launched a new branch of Forte Group that embodies that evolution. That next step, Global Services and Solutions (GSS), introduces new engagement models that offer flexible, value-driven approaches that match the right technologies to each business challenge.

What exactly is GSS? You can learn more about how we work by reading below or download our full infographic here

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The Right Team for the Job

No two IT projects are the same, and we’ve found that by offering our clients a broader range of options to meet their needs, we can best achieve the business value they’re looking to create. Whether a client needs to bolster its IT staff to scale production, improve IT processes, or turn an idea into a business solution, we have the right team that’s custom-tailored to the job.

As part of the GSS launch, we’re also introducing the Forte Group Fellowship, an internal think tank dedicated to producing higher-quality content around leading software development practices, hiring trends, and ways in which IT enterprises can advance, accelerate, and evolve.

Much has changed in 18 years, but our commitment to elevating the craft of software engineering has not.

Want to learn more about the official launch of GSS and what it means? You can read the full press release here.