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2020 Forte Group Recap: Key Numbers

2020 was an unusual year for many of us with its ups and downs, crushed plans, and unexpected opportunities. It was a year of  “can you see me?”, “you’re on mute” and “how did you set that virtual background?” meetings. A year of taking risks, overcoming obstacles, adapting to turbulent times, and doing our best to stay safe, sane, and positive.

On the positive side, there have been many things that brightened up this year. In many ways, we got to know our colleagues (and their families and their pets) better, and managed to convert the time we’d spent in traffic jams into more sleep, family, or exercise time. 

This year Forte Group adjusted, just like all of us: We supported our clients by helping them overcome the unique challenges that came their way, we switched to a work-from-home model, launched a host of new internal initiatives, opened new offices, and more. 

We decided to wrap up this year through the Infographics that highlights the most memorable moments and numbers for us.


  • 1800 m2 — space of a new Minsk location that opened its doors in summer
  • 1420 registrants applied for free Forte Group free Frontend and QA courses in Belarus and Ukraine
  • 486 employees shifted to working from home
  • 293 people watched our three online knowledge-sharing sessions
  • 187 new positions were filled by the resource management team and recruitment team
  • 73 peopleoverall employee headcount increase compared to 2019
  • 36 new clients, signed up, onboarded or revitalized — all ready to make 2021 a year of growth
  • 32 articles were published on our website, Medium blog and media outlets
  • 20 years — Forte Group celebrated its anniversary in August
  • 8 Forte Connect videos were recorded to help adjust businesses their digital strategy
  • 1 brand-new talent management solution was developed by Forte Group developers

3 awards distinguished Forte Group’s operational excellence in 2020

2 new Forte Group offices opened this year: Medellin office in Colombia and Brest office in Minsk.

What a year!

And we did it! Thank you for the incredible work you have done year long, for your dedication and willingness to go an extra mile — your effort was key in fueling our growth. 

Sending you a hand-washed, social distanced, face covered and warm-hearted season greetings 🙂  Wishing you all peace, joy and a happy holiday season! To keep up with the latest updates from the tech world and see more up-to-date stats and infographics, subscribe to this blog updates below, and make sure to follow up on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter.

See you in 2021! 

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Oksana Mikhalchuk

by Oksana Mikhalchuk

Oksana Mikhalchuk is the digital marketing manager at Forté Group. She is passionate about creating content and is fascinated with technology and the untapped potential it carries for business digital transformation.

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