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14 top engineering and UX blogs to become a better software developer

To stay on the cutting edge of what’s new in the tech world, developers have to keep up to date with the latest trends and try different approaches to solving challenging tasks. For this article, we’ve cherry-picked a balanced mix of top tech blogs run by both experienced engineering teams who work at million-dollar companies and software engineering enthusiasts who share their approaches to solving IT challenges.

1. Life at Hopper

Authors: Various Hopper employees — data scientists and the VP of engineering 

Topics: Various topics including UX/UI, app development, and tourism

Year started: 2015

Format: Medium blog

Hopper, an app for precise and personalized travel recommendations, runs the Life at Hopper blog as a casual publication space for the company’s tech professionals to share their insights on UX/UI, app development and how it blends with and fuels the tourism industry. At Life at Hopper, you will hear from Data Scientists, Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, and other employees behind the app’s sophisticated prediction algorithms and data analysis. They talk honestly about what developing their product taught them, and their challenges in the process. 

You won’t find heaps of code snippets in every article, but we think you’ll enjoy the captivating storytelling and the problem-solving mindset this blog belivers. 

2. Revolut Tech

Authors: Lead Android/iOS developers, the VP of Engineering, and Senior software engineers

Topics: Various topics including engineering (main), product development, and app design

Year started: 2017

Format: Medium blog 

The Revolut Tech blog takes you “under the hood” of the world-famous financial app. The blog shares tips, best practices, and case studies. The authors write about how they approach nontrivial engineering issues and why they use solutions and stack the way they do. Revolut tech provides in-depth tutorials with code snippets and explains the magic behind their fintech engineering techniques.


3. Booking.design

Authors: Senior UX designers, product designers, and researchers

Topics: UX design

Year started: 2016

Format: Medium blog Booking.design tells UX stories and documents how the travel accommodation aggregator’s design has evolved and changed over time, plus what lessons the team learned from it. From their articles, you can not only learn the ropes of positive UX design patterns, but gain insights into best design implementation practices. Besides icons, layouts, and fonts, the professionals behind Booking.com layouts talk about the importance of feedback and design critique. They even share their missteps and what they’ve learned from them.

4. Booking.datascience 

Authors: Senior machine learning and data scientists

Topics: Data science and machine learning

Year started: 2016

Format: Medium blog 

Booking.datascience is the sibling of the booking.design blog. It focuses on machine learning and data science practices and problems. The blog entries introduce papers and scientific publications written by booking.com data scientists. They describe the platform’s approach to solving various tech accommodation-related challenges, such as recommendation algorithm imperfections and hypothesis testing in online environments, to name a few.

5. Tinder Engineering

Authors: Senior iOS and Android developers, senior engineers, and the Hhead of engineering

Topics: App development and testing

Year started: 2019

Format: Medium blog 

In this tech blog, Tinder engineers share their comprehensive guides for addressing challenges specific to the #1world’s top dating grossing app. The blog showcases how the team went about improving performance, executing load testing with millions of simultaneous users, and introducing new features (almost) without a hitch. Packed with first-hand experiences and extensive tutorials on the configuration of tools, Tinder’s Engineering content will prove itself useful to fellow mobile app developers, thanks to detailed analysis and listed pros and cons.

6. Uber Design

Authors: UX designers, the Head of Design, Product Designers, and UX researchers

Topics: UX/UI design, product design, brand design, marketing design, and app development

Year started: 2017

Format: Medium blog 

Uber takes storytelling about their best UX design practices to the next level with their insights-rich blog with three all-encompassing content formats. The “How to” section boasts all kinds of design advice, tutorials, and guides to complex concepts for UX designers and those who want to take a peek behind the scenes of the tech giant. Case studies talk about revolutionary Uber features and how they were executed, demonstrating both the engineering maturity of the company and showcasing the expanding range of Uber functionality. In the “Point of view” section, Uber employees share personal experiences that taught them something new. Topics are not strictly tech-related, but they share things that inspired, challenged or changed their perspectives.

7. The Old New Thing blog 

Author: Raymond Chen, a long-time Microsoft employee

Topics: Various Microsoft-related topics and programming tips 

Year started: 2003

Format: Microsoft dev blog

The oldest blog in this list is features posts by Raymond Chen, a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft for 25 years. The Old New Thing has hundreds of entries on all things Win32 with detailed guides, stories, and solutions for various system and application issues — and heated discussions in the comments section. Raymond talks openly about why Windows turned out the way it did and offers logical explanations for the OS quirks that bugged users for years. Besides tech-heavy content, he shares a bunch of captivating anecdotes about building quality software.

The blog grew in popularity so quickly that in 2006, Raymond published a book about practical development in Windows, loosely based on the materials he shared online.

8. Ayende @ Rahien

Authors: Oren Eini aka Ayende Rahien CEO of Hibernating Rhinos Ltd

Topics: Various topics including data, software architecture, programming, and design

Year started: 2004

Format: Developer blog

The author of this blog is the creator of Rhino Mocks, one of the most popular mocking frameworks on the .NET platform. He also played a crucial role in establishing such well-known open-source initiatives as NHibernate, RavenDB, the Rhino Tools Suite, and the Castle project. He tirelessly shares the knowledge accumulated after 15 years in software development with a strong focus on architecture on his blog. For example, in one of the multi-part ongoing series of posts, he explains the ins and outs of building a social media platform from scratch without going bankrupt. Along the way, he conveys his vision of how he would re-architect existing platforms and provides practical solutions for the problems he sees.

9. Hulu Tech blog

Authors: Principal software development lead, the VP of software development, and other senior engineers

Topics: Product Management, Engineering, Product design, and data science

Year started: 2015

Format: Medium blog

Another blog from a tech giant reaps hundreds of claps on Medium for sharing extensive stories on how the team builds and improves Hulu services with unconventional approaches and cutting-edge technologies like voice recognition. Topics range from software development to scaling microservices to system architecture — with occasional detours to introduce the employees behind the mic and their personal insights.

10. Salesforce Developers Blog 

Authors: Various Salesforce engineers

Topics: Salesforce development and functionality

Year started: 2008

Format: Blog

Being proud Salesforce developers ourselves, we couldn’t ignore the tech source run by Salesforce engineers. Started more than a decade ago, this blog is a gold mine for taking a deeper dive into Salesforce capabilities. Various platform developers go over recent features and provide step-by-step instructions for those trying to make the most of Salesforce functionality. The articles come in both text and audio formats and use powerful visuals and straight-to-the-point narrative.

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11. DevOps Dudes

Authors: DevOps architects and practitioners, and Data Scientists

Topics: DevOps and tools

Year started: 2013

Format: Medium blog

Another gem among tech medium blogs, DevOps Dudes is a collection of stories (“from horror stories to success stories” as the authors label them) about GitLab, Jenkins, Chef, Ansible, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, and software engineering as a whole. These articles cover all skill levels and are relevant to their audience of developers, operation, and security engineers. The posts include tutorials for using specific tech stacks, personal experiences of solving DevOps challenges, comparisons, programming tips and tricks, and industry trends. The editors put a lot of effort into selecting articles for publication — and as a result, the content is filled with expertise and passion.

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12. High Scalability Blog

Authors: Todd Hoff, programmer and book author 

Topics: scaling, website architecture, and cloud development

Year started: 2007

Format: Developer blog

Run by the author of “Explain the cloud like I’m 10,” the purpose of the High Scalability blog is to “bringing together all the lore, art, science, practice, and experience of building scalable websites into one place, so you can learn how to build your website with confidence.” If you’re wondering what software to use, how to distribute your budget, how to measure or improve performance, or even how to recover from a disaster, this blog is an excellent place to start. In Todd Hoff’s opinion, building scalable websites is still more art than science, and even though your project might have precise requirements, you can still benefit from some professional advice. 

Besides tech discussions, tutorials, and analysis of frequently asked questions, you can find posts about current job openings, product and software reviews, and occasional fun content on the topic.

13. TWiT Tech Podcast Network 

Authors: Former Tech.tv hosts Leo Laporte, Jason Howell, Mikah Sargent, and Ant Pruitt, and other contributors

Topics: Various topics including security, technology trends, Apple and iOS news, Windows news, and cloud computing

Year started: 2005

Format: Podcast

While not technically a blog in the classic sense, the TWiT Tech Podcast Network provides relevant and wide-ranging commentary on the latest news and trends in the digital tech world. With more than 10 ongoing podcasts, each dedicated to a specific topic, TWiT caters to the needs of multiple tech audiences, from hardware enthusiasts to programmers, whether professional or amateur, in a convenient audio format that’s digestible on the go. Each review and how-to guides complemented with the bright personality of the host.

14. Betterdev.link

Author: Michael Wilson, Digital strategist

Topics: Programming languages, technologies and frameworks 

Year started: 2017

Format: Newsletter

As a bonus, here’s an endless source of inspiration and food for thought for people who love software. It offers a compilation of useful programming-related links direct to your inbox on a biweekly basis. Topics are not tied to a specific domain or a technology, but are programming-oriented and fall into a few distinct categories. There are striking coding projects, handy tools, and working solutions for issues discussed right now by the development community. Each issue of the newsletter is densely packed and spam-free, with snippets of the content included — The only thing you need to do is to click. 

15. Forte Group Insights

Authors: Various Forte Group software delivery and agile experts

Topics: Software delivery, software development methodologies, quality assurance, and tech leadership

Year started: 2012

Format: Blog

We couldn’t create a list of top software development blogs without giving our team a shout-out, right? 

Our blog is an all-in-one resource for developers, C-level executives, and people in tech leadership roles seeking advice on effective team management and smooth software delivery. We invite our senior product specialists to offer their insights on complex topics such as DevOps and test automation, as well as cutting-edge technologies like IoT and fintech. With their hands-on experience from more than 300 projects completed, our team offers IT enterprises practical ways to accelerate delivery and bring clarity to their development strategy.

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Bottom line

No matter what our skill level, as software engineers we never stop learning. The fast-paced and tech-heavy environment we work and live in fuels the never-ending demand for up-to-date knowledge. The compilation of sources listed above provides everything you need. We hope you’ll find the insights you’ve been searching for to make headway with your projects — and learn along the way.

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