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The top 10 reasons custom software initiatives fail

In the custom software business, project failure can be defined as going over budget, missing schedule milestones, and/or falling short on delivering the value anticipated.

Though we recognize companies are hit hard for each of these problems, sadly, many have simply conceded the majority of software projects don’t go as planned.

But we’re not keen on throwing up the white flag so quickly. In fact, we believe it’s reckless and irresponsible to make any concessions at all.

The problems that hinder your software initiatives are avoidable. Step number one is understanding the issues that actually sabotage your success. Then, of course, you want to understand what to do differently.

We’ve been developing custom software for decades. It’s a perpetual learning process. We’re confident we have a solid grasp of the most common project killers as well as the antidote to each.

And so, we’ve put our heads together to create a new, free, and concise white paper, 10 Top Killers of Custom Software Projects.

The 10 top killers of customer software projects

1. Strategic misalignment
Business directors and IT teams suffer the silo effect.

2. Losing sight of the customer value
Value must dominate the process from start to finish.

3. The wrong mix of talent
The work often lands in the lap of the wrong developers.

4. Perfection obsession
It sounds ideal, but you can’t nail everything in one take.

5. Feature frenzy
Development teams need to understand the users’ most critical needs.

6. Blurry product vision
Product owners must be empowered to drive the product roadmap.

7. Communication breakdowns
Projects demand a series of iterative checkpoints.

8. Resistance to change
An unwillingness to implement new approaches and methodologies can be a serious impediment.

9. Quality assurance neglect
QA should not be thought of as the final line of defense before a customer gets the software.

10. Future-unfriendly software
Customer software products are seldom easy to maintain.

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