Test automation, while an essential part of delivering quality software, has long been marketed as a silver bullet to testing issues. It overshadows the reason we need software testing in the first place (i.e., to find problems). Test automation can reduce software testing down to just the execution of scripted test steps.

This leads to a focus on tools and frameworks vs. actually improving the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing. It also leads to an artificial stratification of “manual testing” and “automated testing.” This not only demeans software testers, it infers that test automation IS software testing, leading to risks in the applications being tested.


In this webinar recording, Joe and Lee discuss:

  • Current trends in test automation
  • Impact of AI and low-code/no-code approaches to test automation
  • Realities of test automation and the impact on software testing
  • How current trends can exacerbate the problem of mistaking test automation for proper software testing



Lee_BarnesLee Barnes is a Chief Quality Officer at Forte Group with over 25 years experience as a Software Quality and Testing professional. He leads large-scale test automation and performance testing initiatives for many Fortune 500 companies and has delivered in-depth presentations and training on software testing, test automation, performance testing, and mobile quality.



JoeColantonio CircleJoe Colantonio is the Founder of TestGuild with over 25 years of experience in software automation testing. He is the host of the longest-running podcast on automation testing. Joe has interviewed over 400 industry leaders and is the creator of Automation Guild, the premium, annual online event for test automation engineers.


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